Writing a character reference letter for dui

Any lawyer or legal professional will tell you that even if you are attending Court and pleading guilty on a drink driving matter then you should have a well prepared case put in place to minimise or mitigate the way in which the Court deals with you for your offending behaviour. When preparing a well thought out case there are many different things you can do to help you when you go to Court, just one of the things that you can do is to obtain a number of carefully set out character references. Basically, a character reference is a letter or statement directed to the Court by a friend, colleague, family member, employer or some other third party or a person who the offender has arranged to put down on paper some good and positive statements to inform about the offenders character.

Writing a character reference letter for dui

A well written character reference can hold a significant degree of weight in providing the Court and the presiding Magistrate or Judge an insight into the person that you actually are outside of the particular court proceedings.

The old saying that a judge has never read a bad character reference often rings true and for this reason a degree of thought and strategy needs to be given to the particular character reference that you decided to tender to the court as a part of your overall case.

Day in and day out on most matters the Courts will see all different types of character references ranging from really poorly written letters right through to strong character references written by prominent people within the community.

For the most part a poor to average character reference will usually be tendered before the Court on behalf of the defendant and as such it will not hold that much weight in Court in support of your overall case.

However, on the flip side if you can obtain a very well written character reference undertaken by someone who holds a very good standing within the community and who has had significant prior dealings with you then this can often be evidence that can lead a Magistrate or Judge into dealing with you in a more lenient way.

So ultimately if you are seeking to put the strongest case possible before the Court in support of your otherwise good character then obtaining a very strong and well written character reference by someone of good standing can be the tipping point for the Magistrate to give you a better result than otherwise expected.

Obviously a well written character reference is just one aspect of preparing a great drink-driving case to present before the court.

There are many aspects to preparing a great case however a strong character reference should be given plenty of consideration and should be one aspect of forming part of your court case.

There are a number of elements to be considered in creating or obtaining a great drink-driving character reference. While some of these elements may be quite straightforward and in some cases go without saying it is still important to get the basic elements down right because Magistrates and Judges see on a daily basis character references tendered before them that do not involved some of the most basic elements of what a well written character reference should contain.

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We will then going to discuss some of the more strategic elements which should be considered in the creation of a great drink-driving character reference.

Some of these basic elements include: It might or might not go without saying however all character references tendered before the Magistrate needs to be computer typed and printed out.

It is generally very unusual for a Magistrate to require a referee to come to Court to validate the character reference that has been tendered to the Court. But the end of the day these personal contact details reveal that the referee is making themselves readily available to be contacted by the Court in order to confirm or validate the statements made in the character reference.

A great reference should no drag on with irrelevant and unneeded information — the character reference needs to be to the point and concise, usually containing pages.

A balance needs to be struck between not providing enough relevant quality information and providing too much irrelevant unnecessary information.

Courts seek to be informed in an efficient manner. The person providing the reference should state that they are aware of the specific charges before the Court.

Finally, make sure the writing is legible without any grammatical or spelling errors. Some of these may include: If possible try to ask a person who is wise, intelligent, has an excellent track record in the community and who is willing and able to offer a positive, sincere account of who you are, how they have come to know you and their dealings with you in the past that has impressed them.

Character Reference letter for Court and templates

Wherever possible have the character reference printed on a company or organisation letterhead — this look more professional and it suggests that the person providing the reference wants to back the contents and statements of the character reference up with their name, brand and organisation that they represent.

When it comes to providing a strong character reference, this is a significant sign of professionalism and authenticity.

The individual giving the character reference ought to never make wild outlandish comments or statements that they are not qualified to make. For example a person ought to never make statements about professional or expert evidence and offer details that must be reserved for a specialist professional, such as medical, psychological or pharmacological evidence.

Commenting on a certain types of expert areas simply as an observer and how they have witnessed certain issues have an affect of the defendant may be ok however the referee needs to never cross they line and hold themselves out to be a specialist in something that they are not qualified for.

The defensant needs to understand exactly what is said in the character reference tendered to the Court since the Magistrate can typically quiz the offender about certain statements which have been made in the reference, for that reason it is prudent to have your very own copy of the character reference with you when you go to Court.

It is important that the character reference is open and honest since Magistrates and Judges are the best nullshit detectors around.

If the referee can attest to the defendants good character by highlighting specific examples then this is always encouraged.Character Reference For Court DUI.

Character Reference For Court DUI.

writing a character reference letter for dui

I am writing on the behalf of {Name}, who is appearing before your court due to a DUI. I have been a {nature of relationship} to {name} for {number} years.

Download Character Reference Letter .DOC format). How to Write a Drink Driving Character Reference NSW: In this “NSW DUI Court Bible” article we explore the benefits of having a well prepared.

How to Write a Drink Driving Character Reference NSW: a character reference is a letter or statement directed to the Court by a friend, colleague, family member, employer or some other third. DUI Character Reference Letter – Give Them Your Full Support Melanie | November 14, | 0 Comments If you have been asked to write a DUI character reference letter for a friend, employee, business associate or other acquaintance, be ready and willing to give that person your full support.

I have written a few reference letters before, but not for a DUI. The best thing is to speak true of the person, you should know the person well, provide a positive letter speaking of the person character (if unable to do so let the person know you cannot write to seek else where for a reference), introduce yourself in the first couple of lines (your position .

How to Write a DUI Character Reference for Court – When it comes to attending court on a drink-driving matter it is often common practice to tender a well written character reference to show the Court what other people think of defendant.

A reference letter for a DUI case can suggest that the defendant is generally a moral and responsible person and that the DUI event seems out of character, suggests attorney Gary .

Character Reference For Court DUI