Write about the secondary markets for art

An online coupon sent via email from Groupon is pictured on a laptop screen November 29, in Los Angeles. Venture capitalists say some participants of the so-called secondary market could pull back if they suffer huge losses in Groupon.

Write about the secondary markets for art

In the secondary market, securities are sold by and transferred from one investor or speculator to another. It is therefore important that the secondary market be highly liquid originally, the only way to create this liquidity was for investors and speculators to meet at a fixed place regularly; this is how stock exchanges originated, see History of the Stock Exchange.

write about the secondary markets for art

As a general rule, the greater the number of investors that participate in a given marketplace, and the greater the centralization of that marketplace, the more liquid the market. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. January Learn how and when to remove this template message The term may refer to markets in things of value other than securities.

For example, the ability to buy and sell intellectual property such as patentsor rights to musical compositions, is considered a secondary market because it allows the owner to freely resell property entitlements issued by the government.

These have very similar functions as secondary stock and bond markets in allowing for speculation, providing liquidity, and financing through securitization. It facilitates liquidity and marketability of the long term instrument. It also provides instant valuation of securities caused by changes in the environment.

Private secondary markets[ edit ] This section does not cite any sources. January Learn how and when to remove this template message Private equity secondary market refers to the buying and selling of pre-existing investor commitments to private equity funds.

Sellers of private equity investments sell not only the investments in the fund but also their remaining unfunded commitments to the funds. These markets are generally only available to institutional or accredited investors and allow trading of unregistered and private company securities.But secondary markets can go a long way towards supporting artists’ primary markets, by encouraging more trading and resale of artists’ work, said Canice Prendergast, an economist at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business and author of “The Market for Contemporary Art.” Consider other industries, such as cars or homes.

A secondary market is often the product of primary market labor. Exposure through art fairs and gallery shows is key, but the best way to boost an artist’s career is . High-end art is one of the most manipulated markets in the world.

By Allison Schrager July 11, Art on the secondary market is often sold at an auction house. The secondary market provides liquidity for the art world.

Estate sales and retirement down-sizing are the prime reason quality works of art appear on the secondary market. Auction houses, dealers, and galleries are participants in the secondary market.

write about the secondary markets for art

We have to assume that the Wall Street Journal’s editors are familiar with the way markets work. So it is a mystery how they can build a story around a well-known and common phenomenon—the work of young artists selling for higher prices at auction than in their primary gallery—and pretend there’s a novelty here.

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