Universal studio market segmentation

Posted in Services, Total Reads: Let us start the Universal Studios Marketing Mix: Universal Studios is one of the most popular film studios and theme parks, which are a global attraction. The studio is spread over the huge area.

Universal studio market segmentation

These help to trigger positive word of mouth and generate repeat visits. Apparently, Stephen Spielberg the billionaire uber film director was involved in the theming of USS as its creative consultant!

The park has a total of 7 themed zones, namely: The names of the shops, rides, shows, and menu items at restaurants and cafes are also themed accordingly.

Beyond visual design, music creates an important aspect of the Universal experience.

Universal studio market segmentation

Each zone in Universal Studios have a different thematic music which blended in with their zone and helps to set the mood. The anthem like opening of Universal Studios, heard in thousands of movies showing in millions of screens, help to reinforce that feel at the entrance.

Catering to Families and Youths of all Ages Focusing on families, youths, and tourists from age 6 to 60, Universal Studios is geared towards the mass market. Surveys are regularly conducted to ascertain visitor profiles and determine their behaviours and spending patterns.

An interesting point I noted was that each zone within the park is slightly nuanced towards the anticipated visitors. For example, Far Far Away Shrek is heavily focused on kids and offered kiddy friendly rides, whereas Sci Fi City seemed more geared towards teens and youths with the high thrill Battlestar Galactica and Transformers rides.

Amenities for Visitor Comfort From numerous restrooms, wheelchair and strollers for hire, to lockers, the needs of theme park visitors are catered for in USS. Mobile snack bars offering drinks, sandwiches, and snacks can be found everywhere, helping to slake the thirst and satisfy hunger pangs.

Seats, pram parking zones and other resting spaces can also be found throughout the park. In fact, they are so attractive that they sometimes draw walk-in customers directly without them going for the rides which are associated with each outlet.

From a casual glance at the clothes, toys, stationery items, games, and gifts offered for sale, it is clear that they are tailored towards their core audiences of families, kids, youths and tourists.

Priced at a slight premium due to licensing and royalty feesthe items are mostly catered for the mass market. This reduces the psychological barrier for customers to upgrade. Combo tickets with USS, MEMA and the future Marine Life Park are planned to encourage visitors to stay for 4, 5 or 6 days as each attraction takes at least half a day to fully experience.

At other theme parks around the world like Disney, the offering of 2 day or 3 day passes allowing guests to visit the parks multiple times are often done. Each additional day of extension is priced more cheaply incrementally speaking to incentivise multi-day pass holders to upgrade.

By making guests stay longer at the park, they can encourage more in-park spending. To leave nothing to chance, USS hires highly experienced operation managers, some of whom have prior experience in other world class theme parks like Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando.

This covers the management of queues with fast-passes and VIP queues an almost universal featurehandling of customer complains, park maintenance from cleaning of toilets, painting of exhibits to fixing of broken lamps.

Interactive stations — a common bugbear for us in the business — are quickly fixed average of half an hour once it has been determined that they have broken down.Marketing Mix of Universal Studios analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion).

Universal studio market segmentation

Universal Studios marketing mix explains the business & marketing strategies of the brand. It also consists of Service Mix (Process, People, Physical Evidence). The agency has identified the target market to be aged 15 to 34 years old, and Students and Executives.

This group of people is known to remind our target audience of Universal Studio Increasing population of Singapore Media Proposal – Universal Studios Singapore 6. Focusing on families, youths, and tourists from age 6 to 60, Universal Studios is geared towards the mass market.

Surveys are regularly conducted to ascertain visitor profiles and determine their behaviours and spending patterns.

Mapping the Theme Parks Market. by Praveen Srivastava and Brent Roderick on August 12, Leverage Esri’s Market Potential data to help tap in to this multi-billion dollar industry. Universal Studios Theme Parks (source: Statista). Tap into the Theme Park Market Potential.

universal studios singapore marketing strategy report; Segmentation of THREE(3) viable market segments b. Brief description of the chosen target market description of the chosen target market and value proposition for the target market.

An example of Universal Studios Singapore has been chosen for the study. Total Word Count The report covers market characteristics, size and growth, segmentation, regional and country breakdowns, competitive landscape, market shares, trends and strategies for this market.

It traces the market’s historic and forecast market growth by geography.

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