The ramblings of gopnik

One fifth grade teacher's thoughts on education.

The ramblings of gopnik

I think the war will continue. Therefore I will speak about war. And in a concrete plane: To a normal person, everything is obvious.

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This war sent Russia back to its ancient past. And most importantly, it conditions quite a dark future for Russia. Very bad movement occurred in public consciousness: Many currently call this a national transformation, restoration, rebirth and a turn towards Russian-ness: Hatred towards Ukraine changed Russia to the absolute worst.

It became clear that mass Russian consciousness remains absolutely imperial and chauvinistic. Russia is only ready to view Ukraine as its colony, or as burnt-out ground. The current hatred towards Slavic Ukrainians even cast a shadow on the Chechens during the First and Second Chechen wars.

The ramblings of gopnik

It is horrifying and scary to see how the atmosphere in the country has changed. The development of democracy, civil society — all of this became impossible and, most importantly, unnecessary to such people.

Such people need a leader, terror and militarism; they need hairy myths that stimulate mass hatred and mass pride. We can forget about democracy in Russia. Dictatorship with a clear tendency towards totalitarianism is obvious.

Fear long-forgotten, it would seem has returned to Russian life as a factor of social and political life. Ukraine will never forget this backstabbing, crawling, terrorist war, it will not forget Crimea, it will not forget puss-drenched Russian television.

Russia wonderfully confirmed everything the supporters of Ukrainian independence wrote about it. Ukraine is lost to Russia as an empire forever. Henceforth steaming blood lies between Russia and Ukraine.

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This blood was spilt because of Moscow. Children are already been grown on this blood in Russia. Now we will have one of the two: I am afraid Russian will never be the same either. Every new day of war with Ukraine desperately maims Russia first and foremost.

The Russian society, which rejected the liberating ideals of Russian intelligentsia, is degrading dramatically, zoologically. Pay attention to his dramatically, since the spring, the level of aggression and audacity in society has grown — it is akin to a sponge in sucking in gopnik energy that the government center is emitting, cloning Putin on the everyday level.

The moment of historical ruin has come, of the annihilation of the Russian individual. Ivan the Terrible and Stalin won over Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky. Henceforth in Russia everything will be cruel and gopnik—style: The process of recovery from fascist infection will be very difficult.

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It is always easier to get sick than to recover. In order to recover, Russia has to cruelly, shamefully lose this war. Then there is a chance to reevaluate our values.

A chance to sober up. Russia of Putins may become into a country of Rogozins and Barkashovs. He cannot turn back, he is simply forced to go further down the road of further escalation, as Dugin and Strelkov are breathing down his neck, a legion of those who had already smelt gunpowder and tasted Ukrainian blood.

Putin cannot return Crimea, leave the east of Ukraine without risking to lose the support of the Russian majority, that forgave the regime for everything in order to once more obtain a feeling of their own superiority.

Hatred towards Ukraine that was heated up to a certain degree became, as frightening as it is, a people-forming factor, and the government cannot reject it without consequences anymore. Hatred towards Ukraine became that desired national idea.The Hardcover of the The Queen's Lover: A Novel by Francine Du Plessix Gray at Barnes & Noble.

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As a reader that limits her historical fiction /5(25). Back to Gopnik: the Orion "Moby-Dick" is not defaced; it is, by conventional contemporary standards of good editing and critical judgment, improved. The compact edition adheres to a specific idea of what a good novel ought to be: the contemporary aesthetic of the realist psychological novel.

With very few exceptions we – that is the vast majority of us like to be liked and we like it even more when our efforts are rewarded with a medal or a gold star – why – apparently because it makes us feel happy if we accept this “strange “piece on the BBC by Adam Gopnik “A point of view.

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The ramblings of gopnik

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