The impact of divorce on children research paper

September 6, writer Research Papers 0 Divorce, according to psychologists, is a stressful situation that threatens composure of one or both partners, and especially children. The situation of divorce in the family causes great harm to the mental health of the child for whom there can be no divorce with the father nor the mother. According to doctors, every fifth neurotic child survived separation from his father in his childhood.

The impact of divorce on children research paper

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Divorce has no positive effects on the child. This breakdown in marital union is seen as a process which is inculcated in six different steps. After suffering from initial short-term effects, the child can also risk longer-term problems which affect their entire life as they mature.

There are several methods which can be employed to lower the effects of divorce on a child, ranging from teaching parents how to deal with children to reducing the economic burden that falls on a single parent.

The impact of divorce on children research paper

Thus, while divorce has no positive ends, its repercussions can be alleviated. Divorce does not have positive long-term effects on the children involved. This event breaks up and family and leaves adolescents in a state of confusion, isolation and frustration which follows them throughout their life.

This argument is better presented by studying the history of divorce and how it affects the child. Writers like Philips and Matthewsspeak of the advancement of this practice and its evolution in the world today. These are excerpts of research papers.

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Divorce affects more than just the married couple. Children often bear the brunt of divorce, which makes divorce a complicated decision for most parents. The second part is the discussion of the different effects of divorce on children which are classified into different categories and aspects.

The Impact of Divorce on Children Introduction The family is the basic unit of the society thus it can greatly affect the development of every individual. - The Effects of Divorce on Children Divorce is a process that many people in America go through.

The divorce rate continues to escalate over the years.

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Divorce is a serious problem, it is a gradual process that ultimately results in families breaking up. The Effects of Divorce Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce and hundreds of thousands of children have to cope with the impact of divorce each and every year in . The Impact of Divorce on Children Statistics Multiple studies have been completed on the numerous ways that divorce impacts children under the age of eighteen.

In one study that began in shows that at least one million children per year are affected by divorce and this number increases slightly each year (McGuinness, ). Research papers on the effects of divorce on children can be written to examine the sociological, psychological or cultural effects of divorce on children.

A debate over how harmful divorce is to children has been raging for several decades.

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