Should co curricular activities be made compulsory to all student against the moton

Submit Dum dum dum Schools should not be able to force schoolkids to do extracurricular activities. Most middle and high schoolers already have enough going on in their lives. It is not the schools decision what extracurricular activities kids do it is the parents.

Should co curricular activities be made compulsory to all student against the moton

Right Thing To Do? Our math department offers a class that our principal thinks is unnecessary. I truly don't understand his logic, which seems to me to be that students' doing well in this class is evidence that the class is unnecessary.

If I'm misstating his position, it's only because he hasn't communicated it in a way that I can understand. To be clear, I think he's doing a fine job as principal and in general I support what he does, but on this one topic I just do not understand where he's coming from.

So I'm going to do a little statistical analysis. The course is a "prep for the follow-on course", so I've asked the district for the following data: It seems to me a chi-square test would be appropriate, looking at the proportions of students who "succeeded" in the follow-on course grade of A or B and whether or not they took the "prep" course.

The true measure would be to compare the grades students would have gotten in the follow-on course had they not taken the prep course, but obviously that information is unavailable to us mere mortals. Any thoughts on the validity of the analysis as described above? There's nothing wrong with doing that, but then I thought about the following: Oh, I wouldn't need to know the teachers' names; the data could be given to me as Teacher A, Teacher B, etc.

And would it be "appropriate", for lack of a better term, to compare, say, all the geometry teachers? I was thinking about this because we have some teachers who are all into Common Core, into group work, into all that stuff that I'm not; I'm a direct instruction kinda guy.

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Currently, though, my students' results can't be compared to anyone else's, as I'm our school's only statistics teacher and the other class I teach doesn't have a specific standardized test associated with it.

We do, however, have several geometry teachers, and they use varying methods to teach the subject matter. My thought was that we could use standardized test scores as a proxy for the teaching methods and analyze to see which results are better.

We have lots of geometry classes. If I could see some evidence that so-called discovery learning and group work, which we're being pushed by the district to implement, is valid, I'd give it a shot, but until then I'm going to stick with direct instruction.

In any other field, a valid statistical test would be considered not only reasonable but obvious; in the unionized, we-are-all-one world of education, though, even the mere suggestion that some teachers or their methods are not as effective as others could ignite a firestorm.

What do you think?RE: Extra-curricular activities should be made compulsory in school -Extra-curricular (05/10/18) Time is changing with many new technologies are emerging, taking over older ones. Smartness with quick learning skills are the key to groove into the new trends.

“All grandeur, all power, all discipline are founded on the executioner.

Should co curricular activities be made compulsory to all student against the moton

He is the horror of the human association and the tie that holds it together. Take out of the world this incomprehensible agent, and at that instant will order give way to chaos, thrones fall and society vanish. Pavi said: (Sep 12, ): Extra curricular activities should be made compulsory in school.

The equal importance will give to both studies and other activities. Not all students have same talent. Jan 07,  · co-curricular activities should be made compulsory for entrance into local universities. Should Co Curricular Activities Be Made Compulsory To All Student Against The Moton Cons 1.) Co - curricular activities prepare students practically for the future.

Transcript of Co-Curricular Activities Should Be Made Compulsory. Why make it compulsory? Optional = less participation IGCSE Global Perspective Project Anglo Singapore International School Co-Curricular Activities Should Be Made Compulsory Importance and benefits Society's demand have changed Academics alone is not enough Long term.

Extra-curricular activities should be made compulsory in school