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For two decades, officials advocating for beach renourishment argued that the beaches were indispensable to State and local tourism economies and provided the only real protection for people and property threatened by hurricanes and tropical storms. They also knew that the protection would soon be tested.

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The avionics were said to include radar, Inertial navigation systemHead-up displayand Multi-function displays. Russia's Klimov offered a variant of the RD turbofan engine to power the fighter. In earlythe PAF decided to decouple the airframe from the avionics, enabling design work on the aircraft to continue.

As the airframe was developed, any new avionics requirements by the PAF could be more easily integrated into the air frame. The official said, "This transfer of technology—transposing the aircraft systems from the J to the JF—is what makes the JF so cost-effective".

The maiden flight of the third prototype, PT, took place on 9 April Because of excessive smoke emissions by the RD engine, the air intakes were widened. Reported control problems found in testing resulted in alterations to the wing leading edge root extensions LERX.

The vertical tail fin was enlarged to house an expanded electronic warfare equipment bay in the tip. Pakistan evaluated British, French, and Italian avionics suites, the winner of which was expected to be finalised in According to Lockheed Martinthe DSI design prevents most of the boundary layer air from entering the engine at speeds up to two times the speed of soundreduces weight by removing the need for complex mechanical intake mechanisms, [45] and is stealthier than a conventional intake.

The JF design was finalised in They flew for the first time on 10 March and took part in a public aerial demonstration during a Pakistan Day parade on 23 March Initial operating capability was to be achieved by the end of They planned to produce twelve aircraft in and fifteen to sixteen aircraft per year from ; this could increase to twenty-five aircraft per year.

He said, "I have had discussions with French Government officials who have assured me that this is not the position of their government". Suleman also speculated that "someone was trying to cause mischief—to put pressure on France not to supply the avionics we want".

High strength steel and titanium alloys are partially adopted in some critical areas. The air frame is designed for a service life of 4, flight hours or 25 years, the first overhaul being due at 1, flight hours.

The hydraulic brakes have an automatic anti-skid system. The position and shape of the inlets is designed to give the required airflow to the jet engine during maneuvers involving high angles of attack.

Near the wing root are the LERX, which generate a vortex that provides extra lift to the wing at high angles of attack encountered during combat maneuvers. A conventional tri-plane empennage arrangement is incorporated, with all-moving stabilatorssingle vertical stabiliserrudder, and twin ventral fins.

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A centre stick is used for pitch and roll control while rudder pedals control yaw. A throttle is located to the left of the pilot. The cockpit incorporates an electronic flight instrument system EFIS and a wide-angle, holographic head-up display HUDwhich has a minimum total field of view of 25 degrees.

The EFIS comprises three colour multi-function displays, providing basic flight information, tactical information, and information on the engine, fuel, electrical, hydraulics, flight control, and environment control systems.

Each MFD is A radar warning receiver RWR provides data such as direction and proximity of enemy radars, and an electronic warfare EW suite housed in a fairing at the tip of the tail fin interferes with enemy radars.

The MAW system uses several optical sensors across the airframe to detect the rocket motors of missiles across a degree coverage. A countermeasures dispensing system releases decoy flares and chaff to help evade hostile radar and missiles. The DAS systems will also be enhanced by integration of a self-protection radar-jamming pod that will be carried externally on a hardpoint.

Multiple modes can manage the surveillance and engagement of up to forty air, ground, and sea targets; the track-while-scan mode can track up to ten targets at BVR and can engage two simultaneously with radar-homing AAMs.

To reduce the numbers of targeting pods required, the aircraft's tactical data link can transmit target data to other aircraft not equipped with targeting pods.

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To fulfill this gap the Air Force was interested in buying the Thales-made Damocles, a third-generation targeting pod; which was a priority. The engine gives more thrust and significantly lower specific fuel consumption than turbojet engines fitted to older combat aircraft being replaced by the JF The advantages of using a single engine are a reduction in maintenance time and cost when compared to twin-engined fighters.

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A thrust-to-weight ratio of 0. The engine's air supply is provided by two bifurcated air inlets see airframe section.The better eyepiece will have printed or engraved on its barrel 1.

Manufacturer, 2. Focal Length, and 3. Design. By knowing the telescope and the last two variables of the eyepiece we can calculate the basic properties of how that eyepiece will perform on a telescope. When the Republican National Convention took place in Tampa Bay, Florida, plausibly saw a % increase of site users stemming from this geographic area.

This increase translates to the average of 1, daily users increasing to 2, accessing the site at this reported time. Wanted Boathouse Manager/Rowing Coach. Trinity College, Cambridge is seeking to appoint a Boathouse Manager/Rowing Coach. The First and Third Trinity Boat Club typically teaches between 60 and 80 people to learn to row each year- with boats going out .

The PAC JF Thunder (Urdu: جے ایف-١٧ گرج ‎), or CAC FC-1 Xiaolong (pinyin: Xiāo Lóng; literally: "Fierce Dragon"), is a lightweight, single-engine, multi-role combat aircraft developed jointly by the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) and the Chengdu Aircraft Corporation (CAC) of JF can be used for aerial reconnaissance, ground attack and aircraft interception.

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