Pet obesity

Or call However this problem does not just affect humans.

Pet obesity

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Pet obesity

Rates of obesity in cats was marginally higher than 6. Overweight dogs and cats have a higher prevalence of arthritis, heart troubles and perhaps urinary infections.

Nevertheless, problems have been raised, about unfavorable effects that might powerfully influence specific strains.

Pet obesity

Numerous pet owners are prosecuted for cruelty to animals because of their dogs that were dangerously overweight. Two English brothers were prosecuted for harshness and disregard of their Labrador retriever in"Who was supposedly made so heavy by his owners that he 'looked like a seal' and could hardly waddle several steps".

Pet Obesity

Cats also have been discovered to have problems with pathological obesity. In more affluent nations, many can manage to give their pets excessive quantities of food.

Pet owners view food as a way to reward and handle their pets, which gives to their overeating customs. Furthermore, pets, particularly dogs, are frequently prohibited to free roam as they did previously. Pets confined to little lawn or a house, or who aren't often walked or played with, are more addicted to obesity.

One research in cats has demonstrated that surgical sterilization of animals raises the chances of the pet becoming fat. The obesity epidemic seems to be growing beyond world and into the animal kingdom, based on a fresh report out of the University of Alabama, Birmingham UAB.

The Ugly Truth About Pet Obesity - Pet Health Advice

The UAB researcher who headed the study, David Allison, found that animals generally speaking have been becoming increasingly bigger -- even in restricted settings -- which has resulted in more questions than answers concerning why this phenomenon is happening.

Allison's study disclosed that many other creatures -- including lab, national, and feral ones -- have all been becoming increasingly bigger over time. Allison found that literally each and every one of them has been developing increasingly overweight after group the creatures into 24 distinct types of species and genders.5 Consequences of Dog Obesity.

Being overweight can cause some serious problems for your dog. Keeping your dog trim and in shape can mean fewer vet visits and . Obesity is so common that many people underestimate their pet's body condition, preventing them from taking action to manage their pet's weight.

Other Diseases Discomfort from diseases like arthritis can keep pets from being active, making it easier for pets to gain weight. Obesity is a medically relevant nutritional disease which is defined by an excess of body fat.

Dogs that are over nourished, lack the ability to exercise, or that have a tendency to retain weight are the most at risk for becoming obese. Obesity in pets occurs when excessive adipose tissue accumulates in the body, and is generally defined as occurring when an animal's body weight is at least 20% greater than its optimal body weight.

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Obesity is associated with metabolic and hormonal changes. Obesity causes an increase in the secretion of insulin in response to the increased blood glucose level in the pet. Insulin is also more in demand simply because there is a greater amount of tissue in an overweight pet.

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention estimates approximately 53% of dogs and 58% of cats are overweight or obese. These pets face many of the same weight-related health problems as humans, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, urinary disease, skin problems, and breathing problems.

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