Marie winn television the plug in drug essay

She conveys that the television was initially seen as a great benefit to families by bringing them closer together. However, as society and television evolved it started becoming more and more obvious that the television was driving families to opposite ends of the home rather than gathering them together on the sofa. Today, killing your television may actually be possible. Your television promises glimpses into reality by allowing you to watching people live in a house with strangers, or by watching people trying to survive on an island with nothing but their cunning to keep them alive except for the crazy obstacle course in the jungle that can save them for another day.

Marie winn television the plug in drug essay

In her essay, she mainly talked about the way that television has changed and reshaped the way families spend time together. She focuses on the way television started from the whole family all sitting together watching a common show, to all members of the family by themselves, watching what they want to watch.

Furthermore, the way parents have adapted to using television as a way of escaping bad situations with their kids, as well as a way to treat their children.

What wasn't said in this essay was many of the other problems that television causes to rise. In many places, what you watch determines the kinds of things you're into, and also who you are deep down. There are many people that I'm sure watch certain shows that they would be embarrassed if any of their friends found out that they watched.

So in a sense, television also acts as a social acceptance.

Marie winn television the plug in drug essay

I'm also sure that there are shows one may pretend to like just to fit in with their friends, or a particular social circle. Shows on TV, as well as music, movies, and books all reflect on things you like. It's no wonder why some people get defensive when one is pillaging through their iTunes library on their laptop.

In today's society, watching TV has only gotten easier, and more convenient. It used to be if you missed a show, you were out of luck. Now you have the ability to record, pause, fast-forward, and rewind normal TV programming.

Not only that, but newer technology lets you stream movies instantly off the computer, and on to you're TV. If one wanted, they could be entertained by all of their favorite shows back to back all at the convenience of their thumb. What does this mean for the future? How could things get any easier?

Technology is a speeding treadmill belt, and will continue to change with extreme haste. Something tells me we will only have more unanswered questions as we continue to be slapped in the face by the technology phenomena.MARIE WINN • TELEVISION: THE PLUG-IN DRUG TELEVISION: THE PLUG-IN DRUG Marie Winn Born in Prague, Marie Winn immigrated to the United States with her fam-ily in Television and Society In Marie Winn's Essay "Television: The Plug In Drug," she states, "Television's contribution to family life has been an equivocal one." Winn focuses on the issue of television's influence in the lives of American families.

Television and Society In Marie Winn’s Essay “Television: The Plug In Drug,” she states, “Television’s contribution to family life has been an equivocal one.” Winn focuses on the issue of television’s influence in the lives of American families. Television: The plug-in drug.

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"Television the Plug-in Drug" by Marie Winn (pp. ) in 50 Essay In the essay “Television: The Plug- in Drug”, Marie Winn describes about how television has changed the American families, and the role television has played in their lives.

From Marie Winn's essay?"Television: The Plug-In Drug" has stated, "Yet parents have accepted a television-dominated family life so completely that they cannot see how the medium is involved in whatever problems they might be having.".

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