India business report bbc presenter neil

She interviews world leaders such as Afghan President Hamid Karzai and covers breaking stories such as the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami on India and Indonesia.

India business report bbc presenter neil

An intelligent and strong woman, Karishma is also a mother of two. Karishma, where are you originally from and what brought you to Indonesia in ?

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I moved here from India in with the BBC, but I lived here before as a child and my parents have been in Indonesia for a long time. I have a Singaporean passport. Well, family really helps. It was quite a struggle initially to think how I was going to look after the kids and work.

Which interview would you say was most memorable to you and why? Right before I went on maternity leave last year, the BBC ran a series of stories on asylum seekers. It was that group of asylum seekers that left a big impression on me. There was one chap in particular, who had spent about 30 days in a detention centre in Jakarta and was desperate to get to Australia but his boat was shipwrecked.

He was such a nice person who had left his home to try and find protection for his family. We have people in the most inconceivable places, bringing invaluable perspective.

Have you interviewed Prabowo and Joko Widodo, the presidential candidates?

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Both sides were confident that they would emerge victorious. No matter what happens, hopefully the real winner in all of this is Indonesian democracy. People should expect and demand more of their leaders. Have you ever been in a dangerous situation here while doing your job?

InI was on the scene for the JW Marriott bombing. By the time I got to the scene, the bomb had already exploded. It was in the morning and I was at the gym when I got the call, so I went straight out.

We have a hostile environment course, which we all have to undergo, with constant refreshers. Or at a dodgy checkpoint, do you sense that the guys are just going to ask you for cigarettes or are they going to abduct you?

A colleague of ours, Alan Johnston was kidnapped and he was on one of our courses. After he was released, as a result of a lot of lobbying, he talked about what kept him going and it was the things he had learned; Stockholm syndrome, how to talk to people who kidnapped you, etc.

First aid is also the most important aspect of this course. What do you believe the future has in store for Indonesia? Indonesia has seen remarkable growth over the last decade, but it has to remain on a stable path, with stable governance and a stable environment.

Do you see Indonesia as home? I have no plans to leave. But the responsibility of the journalist, and certainly the expectation of the BBC, is that if that personal bias leaks in, you are not doing your job. Sometimes people feel really strongly about things and they need to be honest with themselves.

india business report bbc presenter neil

To have a personal bias, that bias cannot affect itself into your work. First published in Indonesia Expat, July Share this:28 rows · List of BBC newsreaders and reporters Jump to navigation Jump to search.

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. Event Sponsor Agenda am Networking with buffet breakfast presenter of India Business Report, BBC World News' business programme dedicated to examining the issues of trade, business and economics in India.

Andrew currently leads media . Del started her career in journalism as a field producer and in was appointed Mumbai correspondent for BBC World News and became the presenter of India Business Report. is the Indian financial portal established in CNBC TV18 is a joint venture between Network 18 and NBCUniversal. TV18 began its broadcasts from a Delhi based studio with a teamof less than 50 at that time. The politicians from rival parties will present three shows each on Radio 2 later this month.

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