How to engage with the community through networking

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How to engage with the community through networking

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By Leah Betancourt It takes time and work, and much of the right formula is deduced through trial and error. Here are 10 tips for increasing user engagement that work for news community web sites, but can apply to all types of online user-engagement communities.

Make It Easy to Participate This sounds like a no-brainer. Create multiple entry points and ways to access the online community and use actionable language to turn observers into contributors.

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Sometimes you need to put out a call for action: That strategy has paid off. For example, there was an Assignment Desk topic on beating the heat and a man in North Carolina submitted content for the topic and then a few months later a tropical storm came through his town and he filed an iReport.

Be a Leader Connor said she feels strongly that every community is different and a manager must adapt accordingly. She described the skill set needed to be a good community leader. Did I mention grace under pressure, courage under fire, openness to criticism and tolerance beyond belief?

Matt Thompson, interim online community manager for the John S. Knight Foundationsaid in an e-mail interview, the best communities tend to coalesce around leaders. A good leader can step in and encourage users to interact with each other.

Thompson suggested talking to site commenters, being colloquial, and laying out guidelines for participating. Interacting with the community lets them know someone is listening. Connor blogs and comments on content posted by others in her community.

King said the staff also reaches out to regular iReporters who do interesting work. Welcome Newbies As an online community grows and becomes more established, newbies might feel like intruders.

5 Reasons Nurses Should Engage in Professional Networking

Thompson said a good community manager will constantly be seeking opportunities to diversify the community in a productive, organic fashion. Connor said it can be hard to get newcomers to engage the way the older members do, so she specifically reaches out to newbies.

I am working hard to be supportive of newcomers. I even have a group called the Welcome Wagon that reaches out to newbies. The Public Broadcasting Service held a national unconference called PublicMediaCamp that bought together more than people who represent the general public, developer community and public broadcasting, according to Carvin.

Showcase and Cross Promote UGC Curating and then showcasing community content energizes and motivates users and can help get new content contributors.

User-generated content can also add depth to stories reported by news organizations. For example, an iReporter submitted a photo of her grandmother walking down the street with Calvin Coolidge for an Assignment Desk topic on Presidents Day.

Reward Contributors iReport labels its top members "superstars. Thompson described a reputation management system called karma that is used at Vita. Connor warned that moderated comments that do not post in real-time are a killer. Why would a user, who is interested in starting a conversation, submit a comment knowing it may or may not post within 24 hours, she asks.Through virtual and live hosted events, The Bridge Club offers a unique engagement, learning, and networking opportunity for professionals.

What is Networking?

With the priority on conversations, not presentations, our community is unique, energizing and fun! Our work is focused around engagement and connecting young professionals to the community through networking, events, programs and more.

E!C offers membership and individual services that have been developed to best meet the needs of . Engaging Your School Community Through Social Media A school leader shares his strategies for connecting his community via the school website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, WeChat, and staff blogs.

How to engage with the community through networking

10 Rules for Increasing Community Engagement. the heat and a man in North Carolina submitted content for the topic and then a few months later a tropical storm came through his town and he. 5 Reasons Nurses Should Engage in Professional Networking 1 Comment / in Healthcare Careers / by Kyle Schmidt.


How to engage with the community through networking

Facebook. 0. Pinterest. 0. but the bottom line is that the vast majority of jobs are obtained through networking. Community Relations Manager for [email protected] at The. Some common examples of networking activities include attending trade or professional association meetings, volunteering for community work, visiting with other members of one's social clubs or religious groups, posting messages on mailing lists, and talking to other people in one's community.


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