Future status english global language essay

A refugee used to be a person driven to seek refuge because of some act committed or some political opinion held. Well, it is true we have had to seek refuge; but we committed no acts and most of us never dreamt of having any radical opinion. Before this war broke out we were even more sensitive about being called refugees. We did our best to prove to other people that we were just ordinary immigrants.

Future status english global language essay

Moreover, English is considered the international language of the internet, music, and TV because it is everywhere we are. Nowadays many people including children know a lot of English words and some of them have been added to our native language as part of it.

Essay - Will English Remain the Global Language In The Future?

However, there are some people who believe that the future of English language is not assured because there are some countries that are limiting the use of English words. Other people claim that the language of the future will be Mandarin. Moreover, they think that the use of English has decreased in time, so it will continue decreasing in the future.

Although many believe in these possible arguments, I think that the future status of English as a global language is assured for some evidences.

One argument of the opponents is that there are some countries that are limiting the use of English words in order to keep the purity of their mother tongue. They put as example countries such as Germany and China that have tried to ban the use of many words in English punishing the ones who break that rule.

Future status english global language essay

There are many English words and phrases that have been added to our native language as part of it. For example, words such as laptop, ticket and shampoo have been taken from English, and now they are part of the Spanish language, so it is difficult to avoid using them since some of them can only be called in this way.


Opponents also believe that Mandarin will be the language of the future, so many people will study this language. Moreover, this language is very difficult to learn because of the writing and the pronunciation.

The final argument is that the use of English has been decreased in time. On the contrary, I believe that the use of English on the internet is necessary because recently updated pages are in English, so it is necessary because the only way to get updated information is through the English language.

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Finally, I would say the arguments that say that future status of English as a global language is not assured are not valid. On the other hand, I really believe that English will be the language of the future because is has become a dominant international language, and nowadays more and more people want to learn this language because it allows them keep current.The point is that once English becomes the Global Language there will certainly be a great advantage for economy but it will bring an end to the lives of literature written in the form of original language.

Kinds of factors may influence the future of English as cultural influence, protection of local language.

As a conclusion, the future of English is still unsure, no one can assert whether a bright future or a .

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