Essay on biometric security

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. This science has taken command in security reinforcement used at all entrance points to United States for purpose of identification. Use of biometrics for US border security has resulted to decreased reliance on other safety measures means such as photo IDs, password and computer tokens.

Essay on biometric security

Dynamic Data Obfuscation Ahead of Zimbabwe's Elections Zimbabwe Essay on biometric security s pro-democracy groups have alleged significant information security breaches of voters " personal data ahead of the Monday 30 July elections.

Essay on biometric security

While there haven " t been any reported significant network disruptions so far, While there haven " t been any reported significant network disruptions so far, nevertheless, these breaches, some of which the electoral commission has admitted pose a significant threat to privacy, expression and political participation.

While two of the cases involve an alleged interference with data stored and at rest in the election commission " s servers, the other case concerns the " black boxing " of the ballot paper " s security features. This lack of transparency erodes trust and confidence in biometric technology but it also frustrates the verifiability and audit of the technical functionality especially its potential capabilities to obfuscate data.

All the above developments challenge the Internet Freedom Community to reconsider the ambit of information controls particularly during key political events such as current Zimbabwe " s elections. As a number of African countries embrace biometric technology-driven elections, the community needs to adopt a broader approach to information controls that address all information security breaches since big data and decentralized technologies.

This is regardless of the fact that some of these technologies do not exclusively rely on internet transmission control protocols to transmit and store data. This article argues that such a broader approach accords with The Citizen Lab " s conceptualisation to information controls: Such a modeling, based on revised indicators, would take into account a wide range of adversaries that potentially exploit vulnerabilities in decentralized technologies and also in data regardless of medium or whether such data is in transit, cloud, storage or at rest.

The world of Biometric Security Essay examples Words | 8 Pages. The world of Biometric Security Biometrics is methods of recognizing a person based on a physiological or behavioral characteristic. Ap digital art concentration essay mission dindons critique essay causes school violence essay research paper on basel 3 summary mit application essay length stand deliver summary essays caligula essay help honesty reflective essay life challenge essay essay about deforestation pdf the school library essays essay on biometric security my. Answer the following questions. Each answer must be a minimum of words each. 1. Assess arguments for and against the use o biometric technologies for security, especially in .

Zimbabwe's alleged information security compromises In the run-up to Zimbabwe " s elections, the main opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Alliance, supported by some local NGOs raised the following information security concerns in connection with the integrity, availability and confidentiality of voters " personal data: Selective access to voters' personal data The first complaint relates to the election commission " s refusal to give the opposition access to the voters " roll stored in its servers on the ground that this may compromise the security of sensitive data.

Subsequent to this refusal, some voters received targeted campaign text messages from the ruling ZANU PF party, leading to further allegations that the commission had selectively availed the voters " data base to the ruling party contrary to the provisions of the law which it had cited to deny the opposition the same right.

The commission responded to the accusation by stating that its data base was hacked. This admission contradicts its earlier claim that its data base was tamper-proof. The commission " s head, Judge Chigumba had previously issued a press statement that the elections could not be rigged as the country " s voting system is " tamper-proof " for the simple reason that the data that they collected are housed in a " consolidation server ".

She continued, " The consolidation server contains the master server that contains all the information and we then have other servers which we are using to connect that data.

Essay on biometric security

Those servers have very strict protection files. They have very strict un-hackable access level passwords that are tamper-free, " For more on this.Biometric identification is an automated method used to recognize a person based on behavioral or physiological characteristics (Tipton & Krause, ).

Behavioral characteristics include voice or handwriting. The world of Biometric Security Essay examples Words | 8 Pages.

The world of Biometric Security Biometrics is methods of recognizing a person based on a physiological or behavioral characteristic. Nov 21,  · Essay index reprint series 6 why is black history month important essays stargirl theme essay introduction erich schmidt verlag dissertations introduction paragraphs for descriptive essays about self the best internet sites for research papers are modern greek literature critical essays the sapphires movie essay citation.

Apr 27,  · Words: Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Biometric Technology Biometrics are those easily measurable physiological, behavioral or anatomical characteristics, which can be used in identifying an individual.

Essay on Information Technology. Research Paper on Biometric Systems

Biometrics, on the other hand, uses the physical or behavioral uniqueness of an individual for identification and can therefore not be stolen.

There are many forms of biometric system available – each using a different characteristic of the individual for recognition. Biometrics are New Technological Tools in Computer Security Essay - As a result of the evolution in the field of biometric computer security tools, a new class of .

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