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Kaboloan During the 15th century, Pangasinan had been the site of an ancient polity called the Kaboloan. But there were also communities in Malued, Lasip, Pogo, and Bacayao. The natives called the area Bacnotan which would later be incorporated into the encomienda of Lingayen that was established in

Dagupan article

Dagupan continues dynamic growth in By Leonardo Micua January 3,3: Such aptly applies to what is happening today in Dagupan -- a city in the northern Philippines that reached its 75th year of cityhood in -- with its unprecedented economic development.

Under the administration of Mayor Belen T. Fernandez, Dagupan became a recipient of numerous national and regional awards unmatched in any period in history of this coastal city by the Lingayen Gulf know for its chief agricultural product, the tasty Bonuan bangus milkfish.

Business and economy Last year, the Department of Trade and Industry DTI chose Dagupan as the most competitive city in Region 1, beating eight other fast-rising cities. Its open-door policy for incoming investors through the formation of the Dagupan City Investment and Development Board, infrastructures that are conducive to business as well as its excellent peace and order were highly considered for this accolade.

Apart from this, Dagupan was chosen as the nucleus of a larger economic zone that involves over 1, hectares of land in many towns of Pangasinan.

So far, a local company, USATV, has picked up the challenge and is now intending to build an IT building to house the incoming investor, aside from making available a space to PEZA for its regional office where investors may seek information and be guided in setting up their business.

The new CLUP which replaced an outdated one enacted way back in and became effective indesignated three new growth centers that can be developed for commercial and tourism purposes, housing and factory facilities.

With these centers ready to be tapped, there will be locations for new businesses eyeing to relocate in this part of Luzon and for those old ones now crowding in the central business district of the city to expand their businesses if necessary.

Dagupan to stage HIV-AIDS awareness campaign on Dec. 1

A more visible and tangible proof to Dagupan residents that business is booming is the fact that despite already being the center of malls in Pangasinan, two others are being constructed and are set to be operational this Another group has presented its plans to put up a similar venture this year and is now scouting for a feasible site.

Also, business establishments and some upscale cafes and restaurants continue to sprout like mushrooms. Tall buildings are likewise rising in many areas of the city.

The recognition is a testament to the efficient management as well as delivery of services by a local government unit and the city easily passed the evaluation with flying colors.

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On waste management, a multi-million-peso Waste to Worth Facility that can convert garbage into useful energy such as biogas and diesel fuel was planned last year and is set to be built by the middle of this year with no cost at all on the part of the city government.

Moreover, Dagupan is a consistent finalist in the annual Search for Most Child-Friendly City, which is a tribute to the continuing sacrifices of the local government to advance the cause and welfare of children, especially those belonging to indigent families.

Meanwhile, the city government last year began its plan to build a new government center to replace the old wooden structure built way back inin one of its new growth centers.

For this year, the city will operate on a budget of over PHP million, the biggest annual allocation among all cities in Region 1. An elated Mayor Fernandez proudly said her city is now number one in the whole of Ilocos region not only in terms of income but also in rendering various social services to the people, to be made possible this by the huge allocation for Dagupan.Nov 27,  · Dagupan City health officer Dr.

Ophelia Rivera said some members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) community were invited to the program, which is in line with the World AIDS Day.

“We specifically invited LGBTs from the 31 barangays of the city since they are the vulnerable sector when it comes to HIV-AIDS. Schlagen Sie auch in anderen Wörterbüchern nach: Dagupan — City of Dagupan Ciudad na Dagupan Lungsod ng Dagupan Ciudad ti Dagupan City Wikipedia.

Dagupan article

Dagupan — Philippines city and port, western Luzon Island, Philippines. It lies on the southern shore of Lingayen Gulf near the mouth of the Dagupan . Nov 27,  · The city government here will hold a ‘True Color’ party aimed at creating awareness and educating the residents on how to avoid acquiring human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV-AIDS).

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drive, 70 kms. north of Tarlac, 60 kms south of Baguio, midway Ilocos cities of Vigan and Laoag, lies the sprawling Metro Dagupan City, a rapidly growing corridor, our nation’s new pride. DAGUPAN CITY – The city of Dagupan is now on high alert as Typhoon “Mangkhut” already entered the Philippine Area 09/12/ LGU.

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