Cream cracker under settee monologue essay

Hire Writer At the end of the paragraph we introduce Wilfred, his name is mentioned in a past conversation Doris had with him. Wilfred is a much laid back person who took each day as it came.

Cream cracker under settee monologue essay

Hire Writer By making this comment Doris shows that you grow old at different ages and she has not yet grown old. Doris is a seventy-five year old woman who lives alone. Doris likes all things being neat and tidy.

As Doris is old she is entitiled to home help, Zulema comes to her house every week and tidies up. But Zulema doesnt dust, she half dusts. Alan Bennett wanted to show that people in society do not respect the elderly.

In the play we view Zulema as a main character. This is because Doris mimics her voice and brings her to life.

Cream cracker under settee monologue essay

Doris portrays Zulema as a dictating unclean, unwilling and blackmailing person. This may have been done to show that people lack respect for people afta they reach a certain age. Also what Doris says about Zulema may not be true it may just be Doris overreacting.

This is an advantage as when Doris moves there is a black-out. This gives the audience time to reflect on what she has said and also used so people can move the scenery around. When Doris and Wilfred had tried for a baby Doris lost the baby.

This was a very rough patch for Doris as she says makes out that the midwife didnt treat her baby like a person as it was dead and hadnt lived a life. During her life Doris decided tht she did not want to get a dog because of how it would make the house untidy.

Then it could have been barking for someone. It wont kill you. Alan Bennett would have done this to add huour and lighten the mood during the play.

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In the play many unseen characters are brought to life. Alan Bennett uses dramatic devices and objects to spark of memories and feelings. A picture of Doris and her husband Wilfred, is placed above the fire on the floor she later explain how she knocked it down. When Doris has her fall she knocks the photo down.

This is done by Doris mimicing the characters voices and personalities. By Doris mimicing other characters we get a better and more balanced view of the characters and the situations. Doris make Wilfred out to be a happy caring but funny man.

This was probably because Doris and Wilfred never had any children. They would have felt more comforted about the loss of their child by the names. Doris lives alone with no close friends or family.

It is a good monologue with a great storyline however monologues do have some restrictions. A monologue is only one speaker therefore it is difficult for you to get a full understanding of other introduced characters as you are only getting one persons opinion of them.Alan Bennett's A Cream Cracker Under the Settee Doris, the 75 year old house-proud woman is the main character, the only character in fact in Alan Bennett's dramatic monologue 'A .

A cream cracker under the settee Dramatic monologue is a variation of lyric poem in which the character expresses his/her emotions, actions, feelings or motives. It is .

Cream cracker under settee monologue essay

A Cream cracker under the settee is a monologue by Alan Bennett. He tries to create a dramatic monologue that proves you don’t have to follow the typical stereotypes of .

Bennett’s play ‘A Cream Cracker Under The Settee.’ (A Cream Cracker research essay sample on a cream cracker under the settee custom essay writing cracker, cream, modern world, dramatic monologue, concretePlease help improve this article by adding citations to reliable.

A Cream Cracker Under The Settee is a Monologue, this means it is just 1 person speaking instead of like a normal play, like a normal play it has different characters, like the policeman or the boy said to be ‘spending a penny’ but these do not have a role of great significance, so it just mainly focuses on the main character, Doris.

The name of the play that we are studying is ‘Cream Cracker under the Settee’. This play was written in by a middle aged Alan Bennett who was born in Leeds in ‘Cream Cracker’ is a dramatic monologue in which Doris, a 75 year old “lady of leisure”, speaks throughout.

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A cream cracker under the settee by Alan Bennett Essay Example For Students | Artscolumbia In A Cream Cracker Under the Settee Alan Bennett has addressed the issue of elderly people in our society and how they are treated by others. It revolves year old Doris on an ordinary day in her house.

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