Compare and contrast technology through the

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Compare and contrast technology through the

This paper will discuss the history of communication, from letter writing to the invention of the telegraph. This paper will also give a brief history on the inventors of the telegraph and how the telegraph paved the way for many forms of communications.

The invention of the telegraph allowed messages to be sent faster and further by translating messages through cable lines. The creation of the telegraph in the s brought about generational change in communication.

Compare and contrast technology through the

The invention of the telegraph, lead to the creation of many other forms of communication such as radio, emails, and television. Communication in the Past: In the past, people used smoke signals as a form of communication; however, smoke signals could only send a few simple messages.

As America changed and the population grow people needed to send longer messages as well as sending them further in distance. Therefore, people replaced smoke signals for letter writing.

People wrote letters to communicate with friends and family separated by distance because it was the only way to communicate long distance, at least until the invention of the telegraph in the 19th century. He studied both art and electricity at Yale College, after graduation he pursued a career in art.

Samuel traveled to England to continue studying art, on his voyage he overheard two men talking about electromagnets. One of those men was Charles Jackson who also studied electricity he told Morse that electric impulse could be carried through long wires.

The telegraph system was a form of communication that transmitted electric signals over wires from different locations to translate messages. However, Samuel Morse was the only one who perfected it. Morse took the significance of those facts found by previous inventors and invented a more practical and commercial system.

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Morse laid out three major parts of the telegraph the sender, the receiver and the code. The sender opened and closed the electric circuit, the receiver used, the electromagnet to record the signal, and the code translated the signals into letters and numbers.

InSamuel Morse built the first telegraph system from Washington to Baltimore using cable lines across the Atlantic Ocean.

The telegraph made it possible for other forms of rapid communication. Most of the world had a limited amount of knowledge of national and international news. Communication in the Present: The telegraph was the first major milestone in the development of communication technology because it led to many of the things we use today and its similar to techniques we use today.Top 10 Best 4k TVs for Sale Reviews of 4k Smart, Curved, LED & Flat Screen TV – Sony, Samsung, LG, Vizio & More..

We tested all the top rated 4k TVs available for sale. Below you will find a. The pool and beach comparisons would lend themselves well to learning to write a compare and contrast paragraph as well. Finally, differentiated task cards are a perfect way to transition into comparing and contrasting from longer reading passages.

Feb 14,  · compare vs contrast. Compare and contrast are words that are often used to talk about the similarities and differences between two things or objects.

Compare & Contrast Essay: Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet

These two words are very commonly used. Compare means to see the similarity and contrast means to see the difference/5(6). The eternal question of who's better - dogs or cats, is the main topic of this sample compare and contrast essay.

But there's a chance you won't like the answer. Comparing and Contrasting the North and South. Directions - Copy the information below on your own paper, comparing and contrasting the North and South in the mid's.

Make a chart like the one below so you can see the differences. When you are done with the notes, write a paragraph explaining the differences between the North . Compare and contrast the two creatures shown. Use a Venn diagram, then write a written comparison.

Compare and contrast technology through the

This version has intermediate-ruled lines for students in grades 3 through 5.

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