Amazon com s european distribution strategy case study

Introduction Brief Introduction about Amazon: In Jeff Bezos founded a bookstore with a name Amazon which start operating as an online bookstore. Amazon is one of the most popular online retail store. For the shipping of new product lines Amazon has separated its retail website for United Kingdom, Germany, France and to make it more convenient for its customer Amazon introduced a generalize payment method so that customer can shop from anywhere in the world at any time.

Amazon com s european distribution strategy case study

A collection of resources and commentary providing an introduction to supply chain management and related systems for students, practitioners, and anyone else interested in learning more about how to design, manufacture, transport, store, deliver, and manage products.

It is the world's largest online retailer. They started as an online bookstore but have diversified to so many other products like music downloads, furniture, food and basically almost all consumer electronics.

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Currently, Amazon is a major a provider of cloud computing services. The figure below shows the customers centric approach of Amazons business model.

The customer centric nature and the success has also been partially dependent and their largeness and corporate image. They do their stocking and inventory with customer preference than have more variety of goods and than lower cost. JPG The diagram above illustrates the total supply networks of the global retail giant Amazon.

Amazon com s european distribution strategy case study

Step 1 shows when the customer places an order in wherever location he may be. The order is than assigned to the closest of the seven major distribution centers in the United States of America.

Amazon com s european distribution strategy case study

The next step is as shown in the diagram indicates that the order is been shown red in the person whose item is ordered in the warehouse it than creates ride conveyors through DC, the items is been sorted out by a bar code and than the creates arrives at the central point and bar codes of the products matched with orders, the items sorted are than sorted automatically into ne of the many boxes chutes into a box.

As shown in the diagram the bar code identifies customers order and than the customer order is packed taped and weighed. The taped and weighed boxes are shipped by the United Parcel Services and sent to customer between seven days.

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Hammond, Claire Chir. Study on Lenovo‟s developmental strategy plan is the application and development of strategic management theory in Lenovo Company.

By analysis of internal the external environment and study the future development. European Distribution Strategy Case Solution, Describes how Amazon sales system developed by the company's inception.

In , Europe must decide how to configure Amazon its distribution network in the.

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Transcript of Amazon Case Study. Amazon European Distribution Network Establishing Amazon Europe began with the acquisition of Action and Implementation Strategy Middle-ground approach for implementing EDN, and maintaining three separate DCs.

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